About us

About us

Re-inventing roads to solve global problems
Growing populations has led to many problems that are universal across the globe. At Carbon Crusher, we are committed to help solve some of the big global problems, making a positive impact on our planet.

Climate Crisis – making carbon negative roads and increasing circularity and durability

Infrastructure Investment Gaps – cheaper, faster and more durable refurbishment

Road Safety– saving lives and driving experience

we crush carbon everyday

"We are Re-inventing roads to solve global problems. At Carbon Crusher, we are committed to help solve climate change, making a positive impact on our planet."

Carbon Crusher vision & mission

Our purpose - Move the planet from grey to green

Our mission

Green planetary roads – Make better roads, that also are carbon negative

Use the biosphere to heal the atmosphere, balancing our planet

Inspire all minds to think in new ways, re-think conventions, turning every stone to heal our climate

Our core values

Brave / Open & reliable / Living with nature
- The WAY is as important as the result

The Crusher Team

Climate Innovator
Kristoffer Roil
Carbon Ninja
Haakon Brunell
BizDev Master
Tonje Norheim
Crusher Guru
Hans Arne Flåto


Fredrik Thommassen
Edvard Engesæth
Morrow Batteries
Pål Brun
minister of transporT('13-18)
Ketil Solvik-Olsen
Infinite Possibilities

We Make Carbon Negative Roads

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