Y Combinator - Winter 2022 Batch

May 24, 2022

As usual, I reviewed the startups in the latest YC batch (see editions for the previous batches here: YC-W20, YC-S20, YC-S21). As a reminder, YC is the largest accelerator worldwide. It’s a 12-week remote program that happens twice a year and YC invests $500k in every company it accelerates.
I cowrote this edition with Elise who is working with me at Eurazeo!
We brainstormed together and came up with the following trends in this batch: (i) climate, (ii) no-code, (iii) orchestration, (iv) product as API, (v) “X for Y startups”, (vi) making SaaS companies more efficient, (vii) vertical solutions for local businesses and (viii) consumer verticalised marketplace.

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