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he world is covered with more than ~40 million miles (70 million km) of roads connecting people and keeping our society moving. Building and maintaining these roads are also a source of 400 million tons of CO2 emissions annually, while they at the same time suffer from huge refurbishment lag. We tackle both of these problems, refurbishing roads in a faster, cheaper and more durable way – and increasing circularity and absorbing carbon.

We offer carbon crushing as a service to you as public or private road owner or contractor, helping you identify problem areas and giving you long term road security with end-to-end service and support along the way.

Carbon negative

We recycle the road on the spot and use a bio-binder which binds carbon in the road, instead of heavy oil. This makes our method reduce carbon emissions of ~3.5 ton per 100 feet of road relative to traditional methods, and remove ~1.5 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.


We recycle the road on the spot using our proprietary Crusher, creating more homogenous soil than regular mixing mills. This removes the need for adding new materials in the road, removing unnecessary extraction of materials from our nature - saving natural habitats.  


Our method is cheaper than traditional methods for stabilizing roads. This helps road owners, and the public, save money, and allows them to refurbish more roads in need of repair.


Our method is faster because we do not need to replace the materials in the road, limiting need to drive materials in and out of the site. Limiting the inconvenience of road works on the traffic.

More durable

Our roads are equally or more durable. The method has been tested for more than 10 years on rugged Norwegian roads, enduring snow, rain, frost, thaw and large temperature variation from 85 F (~30 C) to -20 F (~-30 C), and work perfectly also on gravel roads.
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Grey to green

Re-inventing roads to solve global problems

Growing populations has led to many problems that are universal across the globe.  In Carbon Crusher, we are committed to help solve some of the big global problems, making a positive impact on our planet.

Climate Crisis – making carbon negative roads and increasing circularity

Infrastructure Investment Gap – cheaper, faster and more durable road refurbishment

Road Safety – saving lives and improving driving experience
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Our Process

How We Work


Identifying asphalt or gravel roads in need

Our method can be used on both asphalt roads and gravel roads - both experiencing good durability of 15-20 years or more. We typically stabilize roads with an uneven surface and cracks due to an unstable groundwork, and are particularly beneficial on roads that experience thaw or changing weather conditions.

Deep soil crushing and pulverization

We crush and recycle the existing road with our proprietary Crusher. The Crusher has been developed for more than 10 years in challenging Norwegian conditions, and crushes both asphalt and rocks better than other mixing millers. This makes our recycled masses finer and more homogenous than with regular crushers, hence improving quality and limiting need for additional materials to be added.

Deep soil stabilization using our green binder

We use a biobinder, a wood-based polymer and a byproduct of paper production, to bind the road instead of bitumen (heavy oil). The biobinder is superior to bitumen in that it is more flexible, making the road less susceptible to cracking, has no negative impacts on nature, humans, animals or equipment, and is carbon negative. Trees absorb carbon when they grow, and hence our binder bind carbon in the road. Our biobinder is sourced from sustainable forestry players, making sure we don’t contribute to deforestation.

Immediate use of the road  

The green binder is a natural, biodynamic substance – and needs 2-6 weeks to settle. However, in this period the road can be used from day 1 and has a hard, smooth surface. The curing and consolidation of the road structure depends on the weather conditions and should be adjusted according to local needs. After the road has been settled, asphalt or other pavements can be applied - but this is not necessary. Our biobinder is superior to bitumen in that it does not require an asphalt layer, and can be used on gravel roads as opposed to bitumen. Asphalt can also be laid years later if desired, without compromising the quality of the road.


All roadwork are scanned and documented, so the road owners can be assured of the their roads’ foundation.

The Crusher Team

Chief Executive Officer
Haakon Brunell
Chief Operating Officer
Hans Arne Flåto
Chief Inspire Officer
Kristoffer Roil
Vice President Product
Tonje Norheim
Vice President Commercial
Stine Norum
Vice President Operations & Logistics
Fredrik Walstad
Head of Bio Engineering
Adrian Savu
Head of Production
Terje Gutukjær
Head of Research & Special Projects
Robert Dyke
Business Development Representative
Enzo Merriman
Tore Lia
Jørgen Pedersen

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