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Fra Hjartdal til hele verden: Et sultent uhyre

Substack - James Saulsky

Companies You Should Care About #10: Carbon Crusher – creating carbon negative roads.

Substack - James Saulsky

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Y Combinator - Request for Startups: Climate Tech

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This is the Carbon Crusher

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This startup uses a plant-derived material to make roads carbon negative

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Y Combinator - Winter 2022 Batch

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Carbon Crusher realizza strade riuscendo a sottrarre CO2 dall’atmosfera

La start-up norvegese Carbon Crusher realizza strade sottraendo CO2 dall'atmosfera usando come legante la lignite di origine vegetale.

Clean thinking

Wie Carbon Crusher die Straßen-Sanierung klimafreundlich macht

Norwegisches Cleantech-Startup Carbon Crusher ersetzt Rohöl bzw. Bitumen bei der Sanierung von Verkehrswegen durch Lignin.


Lokal-bedriften Crusher med suksess i USA

-Etter at vi etablerte oss i USA har vi opplevd en voldsom interesse for vår måte å bygge vei på. Og det er først og fremst karbonlagringen med lignin som har fått amerikanske investorer til å ta fram sjekkheftet.

Sustainability Magazine

Carbon Crusher revolutionises sustainable road resurfacing

The small firm provoking significant sustainable change, Carbon Crusher is developing new solutions for reducing emissions in road resurfacing operations


This Startup Is Making Sustainable Roads Out of Recycled Asphalt

Carbon Crusher is building carbon-negative roads out of recycled asphalt and plant-based glue.


The Norwegian start-up making roads carbon negative

Using recycled asphalt bonded by plant-based adhesive, Carbon Crusher has created a mix for carbon negative roads that is both affordable and actively sequesters emissions.

Auto Evolution

Carbon Crusher Brings a Fresh Approach to Sustainability,

Sustainable transportation is mainly about the types of vehicles that circulate and what powers them, but it’s also about the roads. Making and maintaining roads also releases a lot of CO2 into the air, but the solution is not to stop making new roads. Instead, this Norwegian startup uses recycling and sustainable materials to make existing roads better and future carbon-neutral ones.

Fast Company

This Norwegian start-up makes carbon-negative roads

Carbon Crusher’s road repair process uses recycled asphalt combined with a plant-based adhesive that they say is faster, cheaper, and actually sequesters carbon.

470 Ramona Street, Palo Alto,
CA 94301
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